Tuesday, August 02, 2005

California Marriage Amendment

Today Liberty Counsel filed a lawsuit in Sacramento Superior Court challenging the prejudicial title and summary issued by California Attorney General Bill Lockyer for the marriage amendment proposed by VoteYesMarriage.com.

A hearing on the suit will soon be set. The Attorney General has a statutory duty to prepare a title and summary that is accurate, reflects the chief purpose and points, and is not prejudicial for or against the proposed amendment. He failed to carry out his responsibility in preparing this title and summary. Read Liberty Counsel's news release here.

On Monday, the California Supreme Court ruled that a San Diego country club must allow domestic partners of members to play golf for free if it allows spouses to play for free. "Domestic partners registered under ... the current version of the (California) domestic partnership law are the equivalent of spouses for the purposes of the Unruh Act and a business that extends benefits to spouses it denies to registered domestic partners engages in impermissible marital status discrimination," said the Court's opinion.