Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ohio School District Halts Discrimination Against Good News Clubs

In Stow, Ohio after Liberty Counsel issued a demand letter and threatened to take legal action, Akron City Schools reversed its discriminatory practices and have now agreed to distribute permission slips for Good News Clubs.
While the school district allows the Boy Scouts and other secular after school programs to distribute information and permission slips to students for their parents, requests for similar opportunities by Children Evangelism Fellowship, which sponsors the Good News Clubs, were denied. Since the parents were not informed of the opportunities to send their children to the after school Christian clubs, attendance would be limited.
Liberty Counsel's demand letter stated that the discriminatory treatment was unconstitutional. Senior Litigation Counsel David Corry spoke with school officials and warned that Liberty Counsel would file suit if the district did not reverse its course of action. The district has now agreed to provide equal treatment to the Good News Clubs by allowing the distribution of announcements and permission slips. Bryan Rush, a local coordinator for CEF, was thrilled with the outcome. "Thanks for starting my week off with this great news," he said. Mr. Rush now plans on starting Good News Clubs in all the local elementary schools which have about 4,000 children in attendance. Mr. Rush exclaimed, "This is huge- God is great!!! Thanks for all your hard work.