Friday, January 05, 2007

Teens & Singles Make Pledge of Purity In Fourth Annual Day of Purity

Be a Part of the Counter Culture: Choose a Life of Sexual Purity This Valentine’s Day is the Fourth Annual Day of Purity
In Orlando On February 14, students around the world will celebrate the fourth annual Day of Purity. The Day of Purity, a project of Liberty Counsel, is designed for students of all ages who commit to remain sexually pure until marriage.
The Day of Purity is designed to encourage students to remain sexually pure and counter the popular message that they should have sex early, often, and with many. National advocacy organizations encourage students to explore their sexuality at an early age. Television ads encourage parents to vaccinate their 9-12 year old girls with the HPV vaccine, after reporting the shocking statistic that 6.2 million people are infected each year with HPV and an average of 3,700 women die each year in the U.S. from HPV. Not once do those ads mention that HPV is a sexually transmitted disease – in other words, the ads don’t convey the most important information: you can’t contract HPV if you choose to remain sexually pure. California has adopted the same strategy of vaccinating its students rather than educating them with a bill that requires all girls entering the sixth grade to be vaccinated for HPV.
It’s no surprise that in response to this madness, students yearn for the opportunity to choose a different path. During the first three years of the Day of Purity, students from thousands of schools joined with hundreds of organizations around the world in celebrating sexual purity. A list of some of the supporting organizations is posted at
When students choose to live a life of sexual purity, lives are protected from the devastating physical and psychological effects of sexual promiscuity. With more than 3 million American teenagers infected each year with sexually transmitted diseases, the only safe choice is sexual purity. The Day of Purity presents an opportunity for millions of students to stand up for self-respect and purity. It’s easy to get involved in the Day of Purity. The Day of Purity web site,, allows anyone to download a planning manual along with informative flyers on a variety of topics, order a LivePure wristband and Day of Purity T-shirt, and link to other valuable resources.
We are a country that kills our unborn, puts a governmental stamp of approval on sinful lifestyles, and prohibits discrimination against all religious beliefs except Christianity. Plainly, America is morally challenged, having turned from the moral traditions of our country. Yet, I’m encouraged for our future. I’ve received thousands of e-mails from students around the world who are excited to be able to make a public commitment for sexual purity and to share the message of sexual purity with their friends. Sexual purity is not just about abstinence; it’s about making a commitment to try to live a morally pure life. That means making difficult decisions about what we watch, where we go, who we hang out with, what we say, and what we do. The Day of Purity gives us all an opportunity to stand together in respect for the human dignity and worth of each individual.