Wednesday, February 21, 2007

School Admits Error and Allows Student To Give Bibles To His Friends

In Wilkesboro, NC - A principal at Roaring Elementary School has admitted that a teacher was wrong to stop an elementary school student from giving Bibles as Valentine's Day gifts to his classmates during noninstructional time. The student will now be allowed to give out the Bibles this week.
On the day before Valentine's Day, Adam Prevette brought "Truth for Youth" Bibles to school for two of his friends. Adam's second-grade teacher, Rachel Cheatwood, explained that he could not give the Bibles to anyone unless he brought enough for the entire class. The Bibles were available at a Tim Todd Ministries revival that was being held at a local church that week, so his mother picked up some more Bibles. "Truth for Youth" Bibles are New Testaments that contain colorful comics designed to teach moral values to youth.
On Valentine's Day, Adam brought Bibles to school to give to each of his 25 classmates as his Valentine's Day gifts to them, while others were giving out cards as gifts. Before class Toni Prevette helped her son carry the Bibles into his class but was stopped by the teacher, who insisted that Adam could not give Bibles to his classmates, even during noninstructional time. When Mrs. Prevette explained that her son had the right to give Bibles to his friends, the teacher responded that the school would not allow it. Adam and his mother had to take the Bibles back to their car.
Mrs. Prevette contacted Liberty Counsel after the incident and received assurance that Adam had the right to pass out the Bibles. Later in the week, Adam's father met with the principal about the incident. Principal Adams still refused to allow the Bibles but indicated that she would check with district officials about the matter. On Monday, Principal Adams said that Adam could bring the Bibles back for his classmates this week and apologized that he was ever stopped from giving Bibles to his friends.
Students have a constitutional right to give Bibles to their friends on Valentine's Day while other students are giving out cards. Students are not hostages of public schools. They have the right to share their opinions, whether written or spoken, during noninstructional time, which includes before and after school, between classes, during lunch and at recess.