Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas Spirit Returns to Seattle Airport

Seattle, WA – Seattle-Tacoma International Airport officials plan to put fourteen Christmas trees back up, following their removal on Saturday. A local rabbi had threatened to sue the airport for refusing to include a menorah with the Christmas tree display. Instead of adding a menorah, the airport removed the Christmas trees early Saturday morning.Yesterday Liberty Counsel contacted airport officials and offered free legal assistance if it returned the Christmas trees to the airport facility. Liberty Counsel explained that the rabbi’s demands are legally baseless. Christmas trees have always been recognized as secular symbols by the United States Supreme Court. Additionally, the airport did not open a forum for the entire public to erect displays, so the airport is not required to allow symbols of any other holiday in its facility.Liberty Counsel’s fourth annual Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign is designed to educate and, if necessary, litigate to defend Christmas celebrations. There is much unnecessary misunderstanding of what is permissible, yet the law is clear in this area. Liberty Counsel has a legal memorandum that explains the constitutionality of Christmas celebrations in public places. Liberty Counsel has witnessed public officials in many places facing strong opposition for censoring Christmas.We are pleased that Christmas has returned to the Seattle airport. The airport’s knee-jerk reaction was unnecessary. The overwhelming adverse response by the public to removing Christmas decorations from the airport illustrates the deep belief Americans have in celebrating Christmas.