Thursday, November 09, 2006

Customer Backlash Gets Wal-Mart into the Christmas Spirit

Orlando, FL - Wal-Mart has finally admitted that censoring Christmas is not a good idea. After experiencing a backlash last Christmas season from unhappy customers and facing frustrated employees, some of whom turned to Liberty Counsel for help, Wal-Mart retreated from its use of "Happy Holidays" and will let employees greet shoppers with "Merry Christmas.""We, quite frankly, have learned a lesson from last year," said spokeswoman Linda Blakely of Wal-Mart in an interview with USA Today news. Blakely claims Wal-Mart will say "Merry Christmas" early and often. Wal-Mart will be playing Christmas carols now through the end of the year.The world's largest retailer told its associates at a recent conference that it will bring back the Christmas pitch in an attempt to be the leader in this year's sales. Wal-Mart's advertising will announce "Christmas" and its decorations department will change from "The Holiday Shop" to "The Christmas Shop."Liberty Counsel, a nationwide, public interest civil liberties law firm, launched its fourth annual "Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign" this year and is already receiving many consumer complaints about stores refusing to recognize the Christmas holiday. On its web site,, Liberty Counsel offers a Help Save Christmas™ action pack, which includes educational legal memoranda to educate government officials, teachers, parents, students, private businesses, employees and others that it is legal to celebrate Christmas. The action pack also includes a very popular "I LOVE CHRISTmas™" button.Anita Staver, President of Liberty Counsel, commented: "We are glad that Wal-Mart stopped censoring Christmas. Wal-Mart should have realized it cannot censor Christmas and would have avoided the wrath of the public. To those that claim there is no war against Christmas in America, Wal-Mart is 'Exhibit A' in our 'Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign'. We are having a tremendous response when we ask the public to report a 'grinch' in their community. Wal-Mart has been removed from our 'grinch' list."Last year our 'Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign' ignited a movement to restore Christmas. Retailers that attempt to profit from Christmas while pretending it does not exist will no longer be patronized. The tsunami of voices fed up with the secularization of Christmas was heard loud and clear, from city hall to the world's largest retailer. I am pleased that Wal-Mart will recognize Christmas this year. Now that the number one retailer has abandoned its generic 'Happy Holidays' greeting in favor of 'Merry Christmas,' other retailers no longer have an excuse to run from Christmas."