Monday, October 22, 2012

Supreme Court Shocks Life Into Obamacare Challenge

The U.S. Supreme Court revived hope – long thought dead – that Obamacare, the president’s signature achievement, might yet be ruled unconstitutional. The High Court shocked the legal community by opening its new term with an order giving the Obama Justice Department just 30 days to respond to Liberty Counsel’s petition for rehearing. Liberty Counsel filed the petition on behalf of Liberty University and two private individuals.
An appeals court in Richmond, Va., ruled that the Anti-Injunction Act, or AIA, barred the court from addressing the merits in Liberty Univ., Inc. v. Geithner, which challenged the individual mandate (Section 1501) and the employer insurance mandate (Section 1513) of Obamacare.

In addition to the constitutional arguments that Congress lacked authority to pass the law, the suit also raised the Free Exercise of religion claim because of the forced taxpayer funding of abortion.

You may recall that the first day of oral argument was dedicated to the AIA, the issue that Liberty University’s case placed before the High Court. In June, the Supreme Court ruled that the AIA does not apply to Obamacare. Therefore, Liberty Counsel asked the Court to grant the petition (because Liberty University prevailed on the AIA claim), vacate the Court of Appeals ruling and remand (send back) the case to the Court of Appeals to consider the Free Exercise claim and the employer mandate, neither of which were decided by the High Court.

Long story short: If the Supreme Court ultimately hears the case on appeal – which is highly possible as the claims are unique – and rules that the employer mandate and Free Exercise claims are legit, Obamacare dies on the vine. It’s effectively overturned. It’s like a shiny new Dodge Volt without the exploding battery. It goes nowhere fast and is towed to the junkyard of really, really stupid ideas.
This means, among other things, that people who value human life won’t be made complicit in abortion homicide on the taxpayer dime.

“Obamacare is the biggest funding of abortion in American history,” said Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel and dean of Liberty University School of Law. “Under the Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate, Obamacare will, for the first time, require employers and individuals to directly fund abortion.

“This abortion mandate collides with religious freedom and the rights of conscience. I am very pleased with the Court’s decision today,” concluded Staver.

Whether by legislative repeal, or through Liberty Counsel’s ongoing case, freedom-loving America should be confident. This freakish Frankenstein monster will, God willing, be soon laid to rest beneath the cold, clammy earth from which liberals dug it up.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

We Still Stand With Israel

As radical Muslims wage escalating assaults and increasingly violent demonstrations and the entire Middle East experiences chaos and instability, numerous news outlets are reporting that Israel’s military has mobilized tens of thousands of soldiers for their largest “readiness drill” in many years.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that Iran could be only six to seven months away from being able to build nuclear weapons – and he will not wait on Washington to approve his efforts to defend Israel.

We must stand with Israel at this critical time! Liberty Counsel will stand with Israel and I hope you will as well!

In a no-holds-barred interview with the Jewish Journal, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu laid out a disturbing assessment...
“But it is important to remember this: You can protect from missiles in one way or another, but there is one thing there is no protection from: the atom bomb. The only thing that can protect us is preventing it from becoming a reality in the hands of the enemy.

And, of course, we have to clarify to anyone who ever considers attacking Israel with weapons of mass destruction that he does so at his own peril.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu has openly stated that the United States has failed to draw a “red line” to get tough with Iran. The Prime Minister has asserted his nation’s right to do what is necessary to protect his people, even if that means launching a preemptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.  

The dominant fear in the international community is that an Israeli attack on Iran could spark a catastrophic regional war, Armageddon-like in scope.  

As I have written to you before, Iran has declared that no enemy nation is exempt from their missile strike capabilities, including United States bases in the region, and even the United States itself.  Of course, Israel’s borders are easily within striking distance of Iran’s extensive missile arsenal.

Plus, Israel is susceptible to rocket assaults from Tehran’s Islamist allies: Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Our contacts in Israel emphasize that the slightest spark right now could ignite a Middle East conflict of epic proportions – one which Iran would use as “political cover” to attack Israel.  There is no doubt in the minds of the Israeli leadership that Iran will deploy nuclear weapons at the earliest moment they are fully developed.

But whatever the situation, Liberty Counsel has repeatedly vowed to stand with Israel! That will certainly not change if open warfare erupts in the region.

The bottom line: The Middle East is facing a meltdown of epic proportions – and Israel remains at the epicenter of the conflict.

++We MUST stand with Israel!

We have written an open letter which will be delivered to Prime Minister Netanyahu, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, and seven key American congressional leaders. We believe the letter will be widely distributed among the senior Israeli leadership, as well.

Click here to read and add your name to the open letter:

Even if you have signed our pro-Israel petitions and letters before, please take a moment right now and add your name to this time-critical, focused letter.  We know from our many contacts with senior members of the Israeli government that specific, timely messages of support from American friends have a tremendously positive impact!

Click here to read and add your name to the open letter:

++A biblical teaching that has never been more timely…

As a Liberty Counsel team member, I want to make you aware of a very special book/DVD set by Dr. Ed Hindson entitled “Middle East Meltdown!”  This concise, insightful teaching set reveals what the Bible says about the changes rocking the Middle East at this very hour.

Dr. Hindson explains…

“Military dictatorships seem to be taking over these countries. Behind the scenes, the Muslim Brotherhood is actively at work to destabilize those governments and bring them into an Islamic Caliphate that is destined ultimately to lead them in a march against Jerusalem.”

I assure you that this powerful teaching centered on God’s Word will change the way you look at current events unfolding in the Middle East!

Click here to sign the letter, to read more about the Middle East Meltdown book/DVD set, and to place your order for one or more copies:

Liberty Counsel supports Israel for biblical and national security reasons. Israel is a Middle East bastion of democracy and individual freedom and is the birthplace of the Judeo-Christian concept of the rule of law – which, in turn, became the foundation of America and Western Civilization.

As I have discussed with Prime Minister Netanyahu, the United States and Israel are the pillars of Western Civilization and our nations’ fates are inextricably linked.  We MUST stand with Israel!

Please take a moment right now and join Liberty Counsel in encouraging key leaders in Israel that the citizens of the United States of America stand with Israel, regardless of what misguided policies the Obama Administration may adopt! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Abortion Holocaust? If The Shoe Fits...

I recently finished reading “Bonhoeffer” by Eric Metaxas. The book, a nearly 600-page biography of German pastor and influential theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer, was simply life-changing. Throughout his page-turning treatise, Metaxas brilliantly illustrates how Bonhoeffer lived and died by Christ’s admonition, “faith without works is dead” (James 2:20).

Although Bonhoeffer penned a number of widely read books on theology and Christian apologetics, he is chiefly remembered for his key role in one of several German conspiracies to assassinate Adolf Hitler and overthrow the Nazi regime. For this he was captured and hanged just weeks before the end of World War II.

It seems natural at this point to trek into “must read” book review territory; however, I will resist that temptation. Although “Bonhoeffer” kicked open the door to any number of theological, philosophical and political themes, it struck another cord with me entirely.

As I read of Bonhoeffer’s efforts to thwart the genocidal slaughter of millions of Jews, disabled people and other “enemies of the State,” I could not help but recognize the parallels between the vast holocaust carried out in Nazi Germany just decades ago and the modern-day holocaust ongoing within our own shores.

Whereas the Nazis were responsible for the wholesale murder of more than 6 million Jews, those today who support the practice of abortion homicide are no less complicit in the systematic slaughter of 55-million-and-counting equally precious human beings post Roe v. Wade. The parallels are undeniable and the science unequivocal. Murder is murder whatever stage of development the human victim.

The stark similarities between the two holocausts were lost on neither Dietrich Bonhoeffer nor Eric Metaxas. “Destruction of the embryo in the mother’s womb is a violation of the right to live which God has bestowed upon this nascent life,” wrote Bonhoeffer in “Ethics,” his very last book.
“To raise the question whether we are here concerned already with a human being or not is merely to confuse the issue. The simple fact is that God certainly intended to create a human being and that this nascent human being has been deliberately deprived of his life. And that is nothing but murder,” he concluded.

Indeed, Psalm 139:13 says, “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.”

So it occurs to me that those who call themselves “pro-life” and put faith to action in defense of innocent persons – as did Dietrich Bonhoeffer – honor both the memory of this Christian martyr and the God he served. They have picked up his mantle. They are continuing his noble work.

By contrast, if pro-lifers are modern-day Dietrich Bonhoeffers, then what does that make abortion supporters? In the years leading up to and during World War II, many Germans – who were otherwise generally good people – succumbed to Nazi propaganda and acquiesced to the horrific Jewish persecution that escalated from a slow boil to a red-hot torrent around them. In effect, they bought into exactly the same kind of dehumanizing, euphemistic semantical garbage embraced by those who today call themselves “pro-choice.”

Mind-boggling is the human capacity to rationalize genocide.

On Feb. 2, 2012, Eric Metaxas gave the keynote address at the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. He was clearly inspired and influenced by the subject of his latest biography.
Sharing the stage and sitting merely feet away was Barack Obama, the most radically pro-abortion president in U.S. history. In a spectacular show of resolve and moxie, Metaxas walked over to the president and handed him a copy of “Bonhoeffer.” He then launched into one of the most powerful and stirring speeches I’ve ever heard.

While President Obama squirmed nervously in his seat, Metaxas addressed both his book and the abortion holocaust with incisive clarity, saying, in part, “We are capable of the same horrible things. 
… Apart from God we cannot see that they (the unborn) are persons as well. So those of us who know the unborn to be human beings are commanded by God to love those who do not yet see that. We need to know that apart from God we would be on the other side of that divide, fighting for what we believe is right. We cannot demonize our enemies. Today, if you believe abortion is wrong, you must treat those on the other side with the love of Jesus.”

Indeed, we are admonished in Scripture to pray for our enemies – to love those who do evil.
Nonetheless, we are also commanded to speak truth. We are told to hate that which is evil and to fight – indeed to die if necessary – for that which is good.

I will, no doubt, be accused of demonizing abortion supporters by equating abortion genocide to the Nazi Holocaust. I will be charged with violating “Godwin’s law” which holds that: “As a Usenet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.”

That’s fine.

Still, my comparison is not intended to be an ad hominem attack. In fact, it’s not an attack at all. It simply is what it is. To identify the undeniable juxtaposition between the Nazi and abortion holocausts respectively is to make use of the best analogy available. I can think of no more fitting a comparison. If the shoe fits and all that.

Indeed, ours is a holocaust no less real – no less evil than that perpetrated by the Nazi regime. We’ve simply moved from the gas chambers to the abortion clinic – from Auschwitz to Planned Parenthood.

I love America. She’s the greatest nation on earth. Nonetheless, as long as we continue to allow this enduring slaughter of the most innocent among us, we are no better than was Nazi Germany. Abortion on demand will be viewed by our progeny as the single greatest blight on our American heritage.

To live under Roe v. Wade is to live in shame. To live under pro-abortion leadership is to live under the Fourth Reich.

Matt Barber (@jmattbarber on Twitter) is an attorney concentrating in constitutional law. He serves as Vice Director of Cultural Affairs for Liberty Counsel. (Title and affiliation provided for identification purposes only.)

Friday, June 08, 2012

Here is how the media is reporting the latest news on Liberty Counsel’s case defending the Giles County, VA, school system against the ACLU…

“Virginia School Board Votes to Remove Ten Commandments from School”

Sadly, that is the media’s spin based on, at best, a partial truth.  Please read my important update on this pivotal case and get “the rest of the story,” as Paul Harvey used to say...

Late Thursday afternoon, the Giles County School Board voted 3-2 to have an existing display of the Ten Commandments removed from the Narrows High School’s “Foundations of American Law and Government” display – the cause of a lawsuit filed by the ACLU against the school system.

But, the Board (our client) also voted unanimously to accept a Ten Commandments display modification put forth by the private creator of the original display!

You will no doubt remember that one of the suggestions by the federal judge in this case was that the parties consider eliminating the first Four commandments from the display – presumably because they more directly refer to “the Lord your God” – and use just the remaining six Commandments in the display.

The new document replaces the original Ten Commandments display with a page from a Prentice-Hall textbook on American history, a book which is approved for use in Virginia’s public schools.

The page depicts the “Roots of Democracy” and begins with the Ten Commandments’ stone tablets.

The textbook page states, “The values found in the Bible including the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Jesus inspired American ideas about government and morality.”

From this origin, the page from the approved textbook traces the roots of democracy through the Magna Carta to the Enlightenment and up to the present time.

Here’s a little background information: The Virginia Standards of Learning requires students to know about the foundational principles of civilizations and the origins of ancient and modern concepts of law and government.

Secular textbooks published by Prentice-Hall and McGraw-Hill trace the roots of democracy and law and specifically refer to the Ten Commandments, as evidenced by the new document on display in Giles County.

As I’m sure you’ll agree, the Board’s decision to post a page from an approved Virginia textbook is a much better solution than merely editing four Commandments out of the Decalogue!

++The “mainstream media” is badly misreporting this case.

Amber, I’m sure you would agree that a display on the foundations of American law and government would be incomplete and inaccurate without including the Ten Commandments. Any student of history knows this basic truth.

Here is the bottom line, with no spin: The Ten Commandments will still be on display in Narrows High School – but in a Virginia Standards of Learning approved format.

And that’s the rest of the story!

++Sadly, ACLU bullies will continue looking for victims.

The ACLU is committed to marginalizing America’s religious heritage by attempting to remove any expression of religion from the public square. They routinely attempt to bully public school administrations into “rolling over” for their radical agenda.

Liberty Counsel must be ready to stand against the assaults of the ACLU on our fundamental freedoms, including our religious liberties!

Amber, we need your help to counter these increasingly intense and more frequent ACLU lawsuits.

Will you prayerfully consider making a tax-deductible gift right now so our team can continue to fight against the attacks of the ACLU and the activities of other radical legal groups, many of which are affiliated or highly cooperative with the ACLU?

Your financial support will keep our legal team engaged in stopping the ACLU from criminalizing Christianity and in good shape to advance other key legal positions and public policy initiatives in which we are engaged.

PLEASE consider a special gift to Liberty Counsel of any amount to meet this critical need.  Click here to give your special gift:

++The ACLU is a daunting, deep-pocketed adversary.

As I’ve said many times before, the ACLU has an enormous war chest – and a formidable army of seasoned litigators.  They can (and usually do) put a lot of “boots on the ground” when they want to bully a local school system into submission.

But as daunting an adversary as they may be, Liberty Counsel WILL NOT BACK DOWN from the ACLU in doing what God has called us to do!  That is especially true when it comes to confronting the overt intimidation campaigns they attempt to perpetrate on America’s public school systems.

That’s why I am asking you to consider a special financial gift to Liberty Counsel right now.

Please, click here to make your best possible gift:

The “progressive” socialists know that the way to permanently alter the course of our nation is to infiltrate the minds of the rising generation.  In just two generations, God has been systematically “removed” from our public schools. Now the battle is focused on historic revisionism – an all-out attempt to rewrite our nation’s history and to recast our founding as a purely secular event!

We WILL stand against revisionists!  Please help Liberty Counsel in our quest to Take Back America in 2012 – including standing against the outrageous agenda of the ACLU!

Thank you and God bless you!

Friday, June 01, 2012

Israel increasingly threatened on all sides

An Iranian Parliamentary Speaker recently warned that a United Nations military intervention in Syria would have dramatic repercussions on Israel! The Middle East is facing a meltdown of epic proportions – and just as prophesied in the Bible, Israel remains in the center of the conflict.

We MUST stand with Israel! Today, a Tehran Times headline concerning Western intervention in Syria’s civil uprising reads… “Ash rising from the flames would envelop the Zionist regime.” Syria is in a full-blown civil disaster as government troops assault rebels against that nation’s dictatorship, and anti-Israel forces are taking advantage of the increasing turmoil.

The United Nations’ proposed conflict resolution has not materialized, which could lead to the unpopular option of an American or multi-national military intervention – an option which to this point, at least, has been rejected. An Iranian Parliament leader, Ali Larijani, is warning that any outside military intervention in Syria would likely spread to Palestine – and then into Israel, engulfing that nation. Of course, that would likely spark a Middle East conflict of epic proportions – one in which Iran would love nothing more than to attack Israel while their sworn enemy is already under siege.

“Land for peace” deals must not be on the table. Meanwhile, in Denmark yesterday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fervently called for a renewal of peace talks between Palestine and Israel. But the question begs to be asked, “Even if both sides agree to peace talks, what new proposal could possibly be offered?”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu long ago made his position clear that the Palestinians must acknowledge Israel’s right to exist as a nation and that he refuses to divide Jerusalem. For their part, the Palestinians have repeatedly disallowed both basic conditions for the talks to begin. Thus, we have witnessed an extended impasse on the peace talks.

“Land for Peace” concessions have consistently failed in Middle East conflict resolutions. The fact is, former “land for peace” agreements, such as the infamous Gaza withdrawal, only increased close-range terrorist attacks which killed many innocent men, women, and children. Since 1967’s Seven Day War, most Americans (with the apparent exception of Secretary Clinton’s State Department) have recognized that a divided Jerusalem was indefensible for Israel.

You may recall former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin’s famous message to then-President Jimmy Carter, “Israel will give 1/3 of its land to the Arabs, when America gives 1/3 of its land back to the Indians.”

Thoughtful Americans MUST stand with Israel! Amber, please take a moment to join the Liberty Ambassador Counsel – through which you can show your support of Israel along with tens of thousands of like-minded Americans!

For now, LAC offers and amazing opportunity to demonstrate unity with Israel and God’s chosen people – and to engage in a more direct way with the future of relations between our two nations. You will also be standing in the Lord’s affirmation and plan for the Church in these latter days!

The Obama administration’s actions speak louder than words! The United States’ misguided Middle East policies can only lead to increased violence in that region. And now, through the President’s reinstatement of Palestinian aid, we are once again fueling an escalating crisis. This is unfolding while threats from Iran are also on the rise! Tensions are extremely high in Israel following an Iranian General’s boast last weekend that all of Israel’s bases are within easy reach of Iranian missiles!

 A Middle East meltdown seems inevitable at this point. Dr. Ed Hindson, a Bible scholar, master teacher, and friend of Liberty Counsel, recently declared that, “The Middle East meltdown is leading to Muslim madness and the ultimate possibility of the march to Armageddon itself.” It is vitally important that American citizens let our long-time allies in Israel know that we are still committed to our friendship in these perilous times! That concept is what gave birth to the Liberty Ambassador Counsel. Now, there will be an ongoing stream of new opportunities to support, pray with, and bless the nation of Israel for those participating in LAC.

++We need YOU to join us!

When you join Liberty Ambassador Counsel, you will receive an official membership card bearing your name, receive periodic news updates along with unique educational products, and even special travel opportunities. LAC members also participate in special prayer initiatives and will have exceptional insight into the nation of Israel’s prayer needs.

Please click here to join the Liberty Ambassador Counsel program: 

Now more than ever, I firmly believe that God’s favor rests on those who choose to stand with Israel. I hope you will join the Liberty Ambassador Counsel…you will be part of a rapidly growing group of people who not only proclaim support for Israel, but also directly help enhance U.S.-Israel relations.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

“This flag is presented by a grateful nation...”

“This flag is presented by a grateful nation...” Those are among the words spoken to the next of kin at the funeral of a fallen service man or woman as the United States flag is presented to them. This happens after the flag is ceremoniously removed from the coffin and folded as Taps is played. It is as an extremely moving experience for anyone – but how much more so for the family and friends of the fallen hero. I will never forget my first military funeral – and I’m sure that others will follow. We lose scores of veterans every day, especially since those who remain of our brave World War II veterans are now in their 80’s and 90’s. Since the birth of our nation nearly 236 years ago, men and women have sacrificed their lives for our country and to preserve the God-given liberties that are embedded in our Constitution. Liberty Counsel honors those who have served our nation. Memorial Day gives all of us an opportunity to honor America's heroes, to recall their sacrifice and courage, and to respect the incredible selflessness of their ultimate sacrifice. We owe them this respect and debt of gratitude. I urge you to take time today to honor a veteran or current serviceperson – whether fallen or living – and to pray for our active military personnel who are engaged in conflicts around the world or performing their assigned duties here at home. Thank you. God bless you, God bless America, and God bless our service men and women and their families.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Justice served to Obama

By Matt Barber

Eric Holder is a busy man. When President Obama’s chief law enforcement officer isn’t tied up selling guns to Mexican drug cartels, refusing to prosecute self-serving cases of voter intimidation or ignoring “wanted dead or alive” bounties placed by black militants on the heads of private citizens, he’s busy conspiring with pro-abortion extremists to bring the full weight of the federal government down upon innocent pro-life advocates.

So much tyranny, so little time.

Eric Holder is much more than just incompetent. He’s an extremist pro-abortion activist who shares his boss’s goal of “fundamentally transforming America” to reflect both men’s secular-socialist self-image.

The most recent and obvious example of this administration’s serial abuse of power in furtherance of a radical pro-abortion agenda came when the Department of Health and Human Services mandated, in contravention of the First Amendment, that all religious organizations provide contraception, sterilization and various forms of abortion to employees. This may be the single greatest violation of our constitutionally safeguarded religious liberties in our lifetimes. The mandate remains in place to this day.

But individual citizens haven’t escaped a forced fiduciary tie to abortion homicide. A few weeks later HHS arbitrarily attached a “final rule” to Obamacare requiring that every American, pro-life or otherwise, pay one dollar per month earmarked expressly for an abortion services pool. This validates pro-life forewarnings that the president was simply lying when he issued a toothless executive order supposedly banning federal dollars for abortion. (What do we call someone who chronically lies?)
Still, every once in a while the good guys win one.

For several months now the Obama administration has been abusing our judicial system through a concerted political intimidation campaign via the federal courts. Obama has instructed the Justice Department to sue a number of pro-life counselors and volunteers for allegedly violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrance (FACE) Act.

You won’t hear it from the mainstream media, but the Justice Department has just faced an embarrassing smack down on the highest profile of these cases. It has dropped an appeal in Holder v. Pine against pro-life sidewalk counselor Mary "Susan" Pine, who is represented by the civil rights firm Liberty Counsel. The DOJ has agreed to pay $120,000 for this frivolous lawsuit which, as the evidence indicated, was intended to intimidate Ms. Pine and send a shot over the bow of pro-lifers around the country.

Mr. Holder unsuccessfully sought thousands of dollars in fines against Ms. Pine, as well as a permanent injunction banning her from counseling women on the public sidewalk outside the Presidential Women’s Center (PWC) abortion mill (or any other "reproductive services" clinic).

After 18 months of litigation, the DOJ’s case was thrown out of federal court, and the department was chastised in a scathing ruling by U.S. District Judge Kenneth Ryskamp for filing a case with no evidence.

Judge Ryskamp wrote that Holder’s complete failure to present any evidence of wrongdoing, coupled with the DOJ’s cozy relationship with PWC and their apparent joint decision to destroy video surveillance footage of the alleged "obstruction," caused the court to suspect a conspiracy at the highest levels of the Obama administration. "The Court is at a loss as to why the Government chose to prosecute this particular case in the first place," wrote Judge Ryskamp. "The Court can only wonder whether this action was the product of a concerted effort between the Government and PWC, which began well before the date of the incident at issue, to quell Ms. Pine’s activities rather than to vindicate the rights of those allegedly aggrieved by Ms. Pine’s conduct."

After the ruling the DOJ appealed on the last day possible and gave indication that President Obama had personally ordered the appeal. A little over a week later, the president apparently decided to cut his losses and reversed course.

Harry Mihet, senior counsel for Liberty Counsel, said of the judge’s ruling: "It’s not every day that a federal judge accuses the Justice Department of a full-blown conspiracy."

Ironically, this past December, in the midst of the case, Ms. Pine actually counseled a woman outside of PWC and convinced her not to have an abortion, thus saving the life of the child and possibly the mother as well. Her email to Liberty Counsel read simply: "We saved a life today."

Mathew Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, pulled no punches:
It is irresponsible for the U.S. Department of Justice to place politics above principle when deciding to prosecute, and thus attempt to silence, a pro-life sidewalk counselor without any evidence of wrongdoing.

When the nation’s highest law enforcement officer files suit against any citizen, the suit must be based on the law coupled with compelling evidence. Anything less is an abuse of the high office. Susan Pine will not be silenced or detoured from her mission to save the lives of innocent children.

Indeed, “politics above principle,” intimidation of private citizens and jaw-dropping abuses of power are but a few hallmarks of this Obama administration.
History will be no more kind to this president than he has been to the citizens he was sworn to honorably serve.

Matt Barber (@jmattbarber) is an attorney concentrating in constitutional law. He serves as Vice President of Liberty Counsel Action and Director of Cultural Affairs for Liberty Counsel (Title and affiliation provided for identification purposes only.)

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Friday, March 09, 2012

Limbaugh and the, um, Lady

By: Matt Barber

Saul Alinsky is alive and well in the political maneuverings of the secular left. The problem is; we all have the play book now.

As most know, Rush Limbaugh has been under fire of late for comments he made about 30 year-old “reproductive justice” radical Sandra Fluke. Ms. Fluke recently gained national attention while testifying before Congress. There, she demanded that Georgetown Law, a Jesuit University, underwrite her stated fornication practices by paying for her and other students’ birth control and, ostensibly, abortions. Fornication and abortion, of course, are considered “mortal sins” in Christianity. Catholic doctrine further bars the church from providing contraception.

Rush said of Fluke: “[T]hey’re talking about, like this left-wing sl-t, what’s her name? Sandra Fluke?”

Not really. Actually that bile came from the revolving pie-hole of MSNBC’s Ed Schultz in reference to conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham. Ms. Fluke recently went on Schultz’s program to criticize Limbaugh for indirectly suggesting that, in light of her admitted sexually immoral lifestyle, she was a “sl-t” (an offensive and inappropriate slang for which he has apologized).

During the interview Ms. Fluke somehow failed to mention Schultz’s identical insult of Ingraham. (An inadvertent oversight, I’m sure.)

And speaking of double standards: the media has made much fanfare about a staged phone call from President Obama to Ms. Fluke to “ask how she was holding up.” (No call yet to the similarly aggrieved Laura Ingraham.)

Additionally, Obama has refused to return – or even answer questions about – a one million-dollar donation from serial misogynist Bill Maher who, among other things, has called Sarah Palin a “tw-t” and a “c-nt.”

Mainstream media-types have no interest in this double standard because they share it. They’re duty-bound to ignore the palpable hypocrisy. To do otherwise would undermine the absurd “GOP-has-declared-war-on-women” narrative. (By ‘women,’ of course, they mean liberal women – outnumbered by Rush-supporting conservative gals two-to-one).

Indeed, Rush Limbaugh has become the left’s flashpoint in this twofold election year ploy to both sour women against the GOP and distract from Obama's impending debt bomb, skyrocketing gasoline prices and the threat of a nuclear Iran.

David Burge (@iowahawkblog) of the Iowa Hawk blog summed it up nicely in a tweet: “How can you monsters talk about a $15 trillion debt at a time like this, when a brave coed has hurt lady-feelings?”

Yes, how can we focus on trillions in Obama debt, $6.00 gasoline and Islamo-fascists with nukes while a Georgetown “coed” is being denied free medication from Christians for her “Saturday night fever”?

Well, I have it on good authority that today Rush is chewing a big fat Padron Toro and laughing himself silly. Every time McCarthyite liberals take a swing at El Rushbo, they get their hemp-clad heinies handed to them. It’s like watching Andre the Giant toss midgets.

On Wednesday, Rush announced on his show that the “progressive” machine’s latest effort to bring him down via a sponsorship boycott was failing fantastically. Following the DNC-manufactured Fluke dust-up, Rush revealed that he has suffered zero revenue loss (even making gains); that he has a wait list of new advertisers lining up, and that some of his former sponsors – who hastily bowed to leftist pressure and dropped him – are now “practically begging to come back.”

This comes as little surprise. One such sponsor, Carbonite, saw its stock plummet by twelve percent overnight after announcing it was pulling its spots. This is what happens when a company puts partisan politics over profit.

Limbaugh – rated number one in talk radio – has tens-of-millions of loyal, activist listeners who love to spend tons of cash on the products Rush plugs. (Wonder how long before Carbonite CEO and supporter David Friend “steps down” to “spend more time with his family”?)

Still, liberal attempts to sidetrack aside, the cultural issues embedded within this Fluke flap are worthy of discussion. Only a dying culture lionizes a woman who publicly impugns – with pride – her own honor and virtue. Yet, to the left, she’s a hero.

It’s genuinely sad that, as a society, we are no longer appalled that a young, single woman – though very nice, I’m sure – would go on national television nonetheless, to proudly and publicly boast that, to her, while sex is cheap and casual, dealing with the potential consequences is so expensive that those of us who disagree must subsidize her bad behavior.

Can someone please explain to me how and why a woman's “right” to be promiscuous is my financial responsibility? If you refuse to buy your own “preventative medicine,” why not hit up the fellas? Last I heard it takes two to do the fornication Fandango.
This is by design. Secular-“progressives” have been working to deconstruct traditional sexual morality for generations. The goal is to impose – under penalty of law – their own moral relativist, sexual anarchist worldview. (Hence, the unconstitutional ObamaCare mandate requiring that Christian groups cast aside millennia-old church doctrine, and get with the postmodern program.)

But, beyond this assault on religious freedom and the moral implications surrounding the debate, Ms. Fluke has additionally set the true women's movement back decades. Her public groveling for free contraception and abortifacients reinforces the sexist stereotype that single women can’t survive without welfare. Women’s empowerment? More like patriarchal government dependency.

Still, like so much in its propagandist bag of tricks, the left’s entire “denied access to contraception” premise is built upon a lie. Liberals would have you believe that, for decades, women seeking birth control – already cheap and often free – have been systemically tackled in front of Walgreens by a bevy of white, Republican Catholic Priests.

Name one woman who has been “denied access” to birth control – ever. Show me one Republican politico who wants to “ban contraception.”

There are none.

Birth control at Walgreens? A few dollars. Taking personal responsibility for your own lifestyle choices and consequences? Priceless.

That’s all Rush was saying.