Friday, June 01, 2012

Israel increasingly threatened on all sides

An Iranian Parliamentary Speaker recently warned that a United Nations military intervention in Syria would have dramatic repercussions on Israel! The Middle East is facing a meltdown of epic proportions – and just as prophesied in the Bible, Israel remains in the center of the conflict.

We MUST stand with Israel! Today, a Tehran Times headline concerning Western intervention in Syria’s civil uprising reads… “Ash rising from the flames would envelop the Zionist regime.” Syria is in a full-blown civil disaster as government troops assault rebels against that nation’s dictatorship, and anti-Israel forces are taking advantage of the increasing turmoil.

The United Nations’ proposed conflict resolution has not materialized, which could lead to the unpopular option of an American or multi-national military intervention – an option which to this point, at least, has been rejected. An Iranian Parliament leader, Ali Larijani, is warning that any outside military intervention in Syria would likely spread to Palestine – and then into Israel, engulfing that nation. Of course, that would likely spark a Middle East conflict of epic proportions – one in which Iran would love nothing more than to attack Israel while their sworn enemy is already under siege.

“Land for peace” deals must not be on the table. Meanwhile, in Denmark yesterday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fervently called for a renewal of peace talks between Palestine and Israel. But the question begs to be asked, “Even if both sides agree to peace talks, what new proposal could possibly be offered?”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu long ago made his position clear that the Palestinians must acknowledge Israel’s right to exist as a nation and that he refuses to divide Jerusalem. For their part, the Palestinians have repeatedly disallowed both basic conditions for the talks to begin. Thus, we have witnessed an extended impasse on the peace talks.

“Land for Peace” concessions have consistently failed in Middle East conflict resolutions. The fact is, former “land for peace” agreements, such as the infamous Gaza withdrawal, only increased close-range terrorist attacks which killed many innocent men, women, and children. Since 1967’s Seven Day War, most Americans (with the apparent exception of Secretary Clinton’s State Department) have recognized that a divided Jerusalem was indefensible for Israel.

You may recall former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin’s famous message to then-President Jimmy Carter, “Israel will give 1/3 of its land to the Arabs, when America gives 1/3 of its land back to the Indians.”

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The Obama administration’s actions speak louder than words! The United States’ misguided Middle East policies can only lead to increased violence in that region. And now, through the President’s reinstatement of Palestinian aid, we are once again fueling an escalating crisis. This is unfolding while threats from Iran are also on the rise! Tensions are extremely high in Israel following an Iranian General’s boast last weekend that all of Israel’s bases are within easy reach of Iranian missiles!

 A Middle East meltdown seems inevitable at this point. Dr. Ed Hindson, a Bible scholar, master teacher, and friend of Liberty Counsel, recently declared that, “The Middle East meltdown is leading to Muslim madness and the ultimate possibility of the march to Armageddon itself.” It is vitally important that American citizens let our long-time allies in Israel know that we are still committed to our friendship in these perilous times! That concept is what gave birth to the Liberty Ambassador Counsel. Now, there will be an ongoing stream of new opportunities to support, pray with, and bless the nation of Israel for those participating in LAC.

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